Theobroma cacao

Pack of 10 seeds Theobroma cacao (Chocolate Tree, Cocoa Tree, Cacao Tree) [Sorry, this item is currently out of stock]

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10 very recently picked seeds of Theobroma cacao, processed, with a high germination rate, packed in humid sphagnum moss.


Botanical Name.

Theobroma cacao.

Common Names.

Cocoa, Cacao, Kakaw, Chocolate.


deep tropical regions of Central and South America.


the most noted active constituent is theobromine, a compound similar to caffeine.


Germination rates vary between 50%-80%. No money-return policy, but if you're not happy with the germination rate, feel free to return the bad seeds for free replacement (confirm via e-mail first to get return address).

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Packing Method.

Fresh, packed in moist sphagnum moss, mailed in plain, secure and discreet envelope.

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1 (one) pack contains 10 seeds.


Very fresh (pods are picked when fully ripe, peeled off and shipped when they are still fresh).