Erythroxylum novogranatense Masterpiece

My Novo Masterpiece

The photo on the left is my masterpiece of the Erythroxylum novogranatense var novogranatense (ENN). This photo was taken in May 31, 2017 when the plant was about 5 years old and 2 m tall. Two years ago it was just about 1 m tall. On the right side of the ENN, you can see the less bushy E. coca var coca (ECC) plant, which was only about 2 years and 10 months old when this photo was taken. 

More information on growing the novo can be found from the following links:

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Effects of Temperature and Light Levels on Leaf Yield and Cocaine Content in Two Erythroxylum Species (by Mary C. Acock, John Lydon, Emanuel Johnson & Ronald Collins).

How to order

I am proudly selling E.novogranatense var novogranatense (a.k.a ENN/Novo/Columbian Coca) seeds or other seeds when available. Feel free to email me at for inquiries/order. Please note that I do not provide any payment processing through this website. Due to privacy, I give order/payment details via e-mail only. More information on how to order can be found here.

Fresh novo seeds are generally available anytime of year, and I ship orders worldwide. I also don't know about the legality of growing this plant in US or Europe, as I'm not the citizen of both.


Good Luck!





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