How to Order



  • Do not use the shopping cart in this Website. All orders and/or inquiries must be emailed directly to
  • The seed price in Dbotany catalog does not include shipping cost. The actual shipping rates based on destination country can be found here. Feel free to ask me if you can't find your country listed.
  • In your email inquiry, please save my time by letting me know your shipping destination country and your preferred payment method from the 2 options listed below:

1. Bitcoin

Typically, a bitcoin (BTC) transfer can be made between crypto wallet providers such as Coinbase, etc. Send inquiry to, and I will let you know my crypto wallet address. After a successful transfer, email me your hash code or Transaction ID (Tx ID), and your shipping details.


2. Wise (Formerly TransferWise)

Basically, Wise is a prepaid bank account that allows money transfer abroad between 2 different currencies. You can open your Wise account in any currency you want (USD, EURO, GBP etc) and transfer the money to my account. Wise will automatically convert your currency into my currency. The transfer fee is about $1, so it's easy and fast.

All you need to do is download the Wise app from Google Play Store (or visit their website at, register, login and top up your account using debit or credit card or bank account. 

Here is more information on how Wise works:

Send inquiry to, and I will let you know my Wise email address (for privacy reason, my Wise email address is different than the Dbotany email address).