Erythroxylum coca var Coca

Pack of 25 viable seeds Erythroxylum coca var coca (ECC).

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25 viable seeds of Erythroxylum coca var.coca, processed, with a high germination rate, packed in humid sphagnum moss.

Botanical Name.

Eryhtroxylum coca var. coca.

Common Names.

Peruvian Coca, Coca.


Montana region of Eastern Andes, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia, mainly between 500-1500m above the sea level.


cocaine, cinnamylcocaine, tropacocaine, etc.

Shipping Method.

  • Standard mail (14-30 workdays): USD $10

Packing Method.

Fresh, peeled (or not peeled), packed in humid sphagnum moss. Shipped in plain and discreet envelope (no name of the company and no name of the seeds written).

Payment Method.

Western Union / Moneygram / Bitcoin

Order Quantity.

The minimum order is 1 (one) pack of 25 seeds.


Very fresh (berries are picked when fully ripe, peeled off and shipped when they are still fresh).