Erythroxylum coca var Coca

Pack of 25 viable seeds Erythroxylum coca var coca (ECC).

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25 viable seeds of Erythroxylum coca var.coca, processed, with a high germination rate, packed in humid sphagnum moss and encased inside a small  puppet "product sample".

Botanical Name.

Eryhtroxylum coca var. coca.

Common Names.

Peruvian Coca, Coca.


Montana region of Eastern Andes, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia, mainly between 500-1500m above the sea level.


cocaine, cinnamylcocaine, tropacocaine, etc.

Shipping Method.

  • Express & tracked (6-7 workdays): USD $15-35 (rates vary by destination)

Packing Method.

Fresh, peeled (or not peeled), packed in humid sphagnum moss and encased inside a small finger puppet. Shipped in plain and discreet envelope (no name of the company and no name of the seeds written).

Payment Method.

Western Union / Moneygram / Bitcoin

Order Quantity.

The minimum order is 1 (one) pack of 25 seeds.


Very fresh (berries are picked when fully ripe, peeled off and shipped when they are still fresh).